AFHJ, an award wining professional corporation, with roots in the Northwest Arkansas since 1973, is located on Fayetteville’s downtown square. Over the years AFHJ has acquired a diverse experience in various project types ranging from residential and private projects to institutional, commercial, educational and other public projects. AFHJ’s experience has varied in scope from the very small to up to $35,000,000 construction cost.  The key to success has been assembling the right team for the each project.  AFHJ has served Arkansas and surrounding states. AFHJ has also collaborated with national design firms to provide the best service to clients in a most efficient way.
Award Winning Architect in NWA
My Mission is to design and create environments that can nurture personal growth and peace, whether it is expanding one’s mind as it is intended in educational facilities, raising one’s spirit as it is the goal in places of worship, breeding success as it is intended in commercial and business environments,  nurturing growth through serving others as it is intended in non profit, governmental or civic projects, or seeking refuge and peace as it is the hope in one’s home. By doing so and maintaining a responsible sustainable design, while respecting my client’s budget, I can contribute to well being of human beings, one at a time, fulfilling my social responsibility as an architect. By respecting the context of a project I can enhance the personal experience of all people as it relates to built environment.

…always available to answer our questions and to meet with us…

“We have been well pleased with the functionality of the courtrooms and offices, which have made good use of the limited space we had.  Newton and Laleh were always available to answer our questions and to meet with us to ensure that the design met our expectations, while still complying with all the codes and regulations.  We were pleased with the professionalism, cooperation and end result”